Direktori Bitcoin is a website specifically created for people, stores and companies in Indonesia to promote their businesses to the Indonesian Bitcoin community. If you are a Bitcoin user, you can use this site to search for the nearest Bitcoin-friendly stores that will allow you to shop with Bitcoin! Ready or not, Bitcoin is growing much faster than we assumed it would be. In 2014, according to The Cointelegraph, Bitcoin’s price might have gone down compared to the previous year, but its performance and trading volume have doubled and increased greatly! Huge electronic companies, such as MicrosoftDell, and Newegg have begun to integrate Bitcoin into their systems. Top merchants in the world such as Rakuten, Overstock, and Expedia are also accepting payments in Bitcoin. And not only that, you can literally buy almost everything with Bitcoin nowadays. From cars and housesmovie tickets, to wine or even your own private satellite! You can literally travel into space with your Bitcoin! There are already hundred thousands of companies worldwide that are accepting Bitcoin. While there are many sites that can show you places where you can shop with Bitcoin, such as Coinmap and SpendBitcoins, we have not seen one with a complete list of Bitcoin merchants in Indonesia. That is where we come in. Direktori Bitcoin is here to show you places to shop and spend your Bitcoin, and for Indonesian merchants that are accepting payments in Bitcoin, this is the right place for you to promote your business!